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The purpose of our admission process is to insure that Archbishop Damiano School can meet the unique needs of each student seeking admission. Archbishop Damiano School serves students, ages 3 - 21, with various educational classifications. All of our students have moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. In addition, some of our students have significant medical challenges, some have orthopedic issues, and others have rare genetic conditions. All of our current students were referred by their local school districts. Sending districts are responsible for tuition and transportation for students they refer.

Prior to making a formal application for admissions, sometimes parents or district personnel wish to visit the school. Pre-admission visits are helpful in determining in the school is appropriate for the student. Visits can be setup by either using the admission request form or by contacting the principal, Kate Flynn, at 856-848-4700, extension 1152, or the assistant principal, Dr. Greg Zink, at extension 1173.

Admission Instructions for Sending Districts

In order to begin the admissions process, the following information is requested prior to scheduling an intake visit:

  • Submit an Admission Request form. The form is available at the link above. Alternatively, a letter can be mailed requesting placement. The letter should include the student's name, age and grade, the parents name, address and telephone number, as well as the district's case manager's name and telephone number.
  • The most recent IEP (if available).
  • The most recent evaluations.

Once the referral information has been received, an intake visit will be scheduled. At minimum, the parent/guardian and the prospective student should attend the intake visit. The district case manager and other interested parties are also welcome to attend.

Within 24 hours of the intake visit, the decision is made regarding acceptance. Acceptance or non-acceptance is communicated to the district case manager.