Monarch Watch

Monarch Butterfly in the ADS butterfly garden

Students in our ADS Horticulture Classes listened to an amazing book, Monarch Buddies by Lynn M. Rosenblatt. They learned about the Monarch butterfly life cycle. As a follow-up to the story, several of our classrooms are raising Monarch butterflies from caterpillars found in the school garden.

Our school garden is certified and registered by Monarch Watch as an official Monarch Waystation. This year we will take our annual Monarch Butterfly program a step further by participating in the Monarch Watch Tagging System.  A special sticker will be placed on our classroom reared butterflies. Tagging data will include the tag code, release date, if the butterfly is a male or female and is wild caught or classroom reared and the release location. The recorded information will be submitted to Monarch Watch and this Citizen Science data will be used to help track the status of the Monarch Butterfly population. Tagged monarchs are observed or recovered in the United States, Canada and Northern Mexico. Recovery information from the tag is added to the Monarch Watch database.

Monarch Buddies book
Monarch Caterpillar
Monarch Chrysalis
Monarch Butterfly