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Dental Health Day Brings Out Bright Smiles
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Brush, rinse, repeat and always remember to floss. These were just some of the important lessons students were able to take away from Dental Health Day 2018. Hosted by the Wellness Committee, Dental Health Day is dedicated to promoting positive dental habits to students.

In the ADS Gym, students were able to practice a number of these habits through teeth brushing, mouth washing and flossing simulations found at various stations around the gym.

Creativity and innovation were in no short supply, either, as staff transformed everyday items for their simulations, including using the bottom of soda bottles for teeth and clay for plaque. The students then were tasked with using the pipe cleaners as “floss” to remove all the plaque off of the teeth. The speech language department was also on hand, using augmentative communication devices to walk-through pop quizzes about oral and dental health. Activities of all kinds ranged from dental stories with the Tooth Fairy to even a smile photo booth.

SJOGCS would like to thank all of those who participated in the event and those who sponsored an activity, as it proved to be a great success for all those involved.