Preschool Program

early childhood

The ADS Preschool Program provides children ages 3-5 with an instructional program designed to address their unique developmental needs.

Our Preschool Program is a vital part of our commitment to providing quality education and support for children with disabilities from their very first steps into the world of learning. We aim to equip our young learners with the confidence and skills they need to transition seamlessly into our elementary program.

We understand that young children learn best through play. Our curriculum integrates play-based learning activities that are not only fun but also stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Through play, children develop important sills such as communication, problem-solving, and motor skills.

We believe that early education is the foundation for a lifetime of learning and development. We invite you to explore our Preschool Program at Archbishop Damiano School and be a part of our supportive and inclusive community!