Speech Therapy

students using AAC device

Fostering Communication and Connection


Speech therapy at Archbishop Damiano School prioritizes communication as a fundamental cornerstone for student success and provides students with the tools needed to enhance communication skills and engage in socially appropriate ways. Our therapy sessions are designed to keep communication development enjoyable and engaging, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere.


Many students rely on Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) to express themselves. We embrace a total communication approach, combining verbal speech, sign language, spelling, and eye gazes to ensure effective communication for every student. Recognizing the sensory aspect of communication, we incorporate sensory tools to enhance speech and language development.


Our speech therapy extends beyond the classroom, providing language support for all aspects of a student’s life. Whether it’s academics, social interactions, or daily routines, we are committed to giving every student a voice and fostering comprehensive language development. Our therapists adopt a relationship-based approach, striving to build a strong rapport with students to ensure therapy is personalized and meaningful.