Admission Instructions for Sending Districts

In order to begin the admissions process, Archbishop Damiano School requests the following information prior to scheduling an intake visit:

  • Please submit a Student Intake Data form. Alternatively, please mail a letter requesting placement. The letter should include the student's name, age, grade, the parent's name, address and telephone number, as well as the district case manager's name and telephone number.  
  • The most recent IEP (if available).   
  • The most recent evaluations.
  • Once the referral information has been received, an intake visit will be scheduled. At minimum, the parent/guardian and the prospective student should attend the intake visit. The district case manager and other interested parties are also welcome to attend.
  • The decision regarding acceptance is made within 24 hours of the intake visit. Acceptance or non-acceptance is communicated to the district case manager.