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Traveling Teachers
Posted On:
Wednesday, February 06, 2019

For the last two years, the Traveling Teachers program has been taking place in ADS.  On four different days throughout the school year, 16 teachers travel to different eight classrooms. Teachers pair up into teams of two and then rotate through each of the 8 classrooms to teach a lesson. The pair presents the same lesson eight times. Students in the participating classroom receive instruction in a different lesson as each new pair of teachers rotate into the classroom.  The typical traveling teacher day includes lessons on Math, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Social Studies, a sensory lesson, a Functional Skills activity, and a game.  Each traveling teacher day focuses on a theme chosen by the group.  Some of the themes have been Veteran’s Day, Holidays around the World, Olympics, Cinco de Mayo, Fall Harvest, winter, Dr. Seuss, and the Beach. 



Traveling Teachers has given teachers the opportunity to work together. They collaboratively develop lessons and have to consider the needs of students they generally do not work with.  Participating teachers have noted that it has been beneficial to work with both older and younger students. Traveling Teachers benefits the students by giving them the chance to work with different teachers who present high interest activities. Additional students have a chance to interact with peers that they do not see on a regular basis. The school also benefits when staff work together and everyone gets a chance to learn more about the students we serve.

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