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The Return of Flat John
Posted On:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
He's back and he's traveling!

ADS students were first introduced to Flat John back in 1998. Flat John is a small cutout personality who traveled the world. Aside from his inherent love of travel, Flat John introduced ADS students to various locations around the world. Based on his travel pictures, ADS teachers developed lessons on geography, culture and history. Here is Flat John’s photograph when he visted Stillorgan Castle in Ireland before heading off to work in a clinic in Malawi, Africa.


Over the last twenty years, Flat John was busy working in Malawi. His opportunity for travel was limited. ADS students are fortunate that Flat John is now able to pursue his love of travel once again. He has sent us photographs from Disney, Miami, Jamaica, and Calgary, Canada. In Calgary, Flat John achieved his life-long ambition of see a professional hockey game!












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