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Trout Release
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019
At home in the cold-water aquarium
At home in the cold-water aquarium

After months of carefully raising nurturing trout eggs from fry to fingerlings in our cold-water aquarium, the 4-H Club culminated the Trout in the Classroom Project by returning the fingerlings to their natural environment. Seventy-nine trout were released in Toms River near Jackson, New Jersey. Toms River closest clean, cold-water river to our campus. After the release, Park Rangers Duffy, Roger and Jane took our students on a Sensory Trail hike.  The students were able to see a variety of native trees, learn about NJ wildlife; taste Maple syrup made from New Jersey Red Maple trees, and visit the Forest Resource Education Center. The activities provided concrete experiences which brought to life various aspects of our science and socila studies curricula.


        Toms River                        4-H Club                            The Release



Examining an antler                          Picnic                    Forest Resource Ed. Center

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