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Lisa  Jones
Occupational Therapist
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Lisa Jones is a native New Yorker  but moved to New Jersey almost 20 years ago. She received a B.S. degree in Health Services Administration from Hebert H. Lehman College. She was married in 1983. She is the mother of two sons and one daughter. Her youngest son born with cerebral palsy set her on a course which ultimately catapulted her into becoming an Occupational Therapist. She received a M.A. degree from New York University in Occupational Therapy. Her career has embraced serving children with special needs in the NYC Board of Education, early intervention in NY/NJ, Children's Specialized Hospital of Mountainside, NJ, and in additional public and private schools. Lisa began her service at ADS in 2007.

Her many years of personal experience as a mother of a child with special needs, her OT education, and her OT career has inspired her desire and facilitated her completion of training as a Certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach ( Her coaching includes, but is not limited to, coaching Parents of Children with Special Needs.