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Lisa  Drechsel
Occupational Therapist
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Lisa Wright –Drechsel graduated from College Misericordia in 1991 and has been practicing as a Pediatric Occupational therapist for 26 years. She attended Temple University’s master level program focusing on assistive technology and earned Sensory Integration Certification. Lisa started her career at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and worked there for over eight years. Working her way up the ranks, she ended up as the Clinical Education Coordinator and served as a clinician in Seating Clinic and Cerebral Palsy Clinic. Lisa also served as a specialist in assistive technology and had the opportunity to work with PENN TOYS, a graduate student program at the University of Pennsylvania. Her five minutes of fame was a CNN news report on the program. While at CHOP, Lisa jointly published a chapter in both “A Team Approach to the Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy” and “The Children’s Seashore Handbook on Developmental Disabilities.” After the birth of her son, she decided to make the switch to a school based program and was employed at HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy for about 9 years. In moving from a medical to school based program she became interested in children with visual impairments and had an opportunity to work closely with a developmental pediatric optometrist in Pennsylvania. Lisa joined the Related Services staff at SJOG about 10 years ago. She continues to be vested in Occupational Therapy Student Education and has served as an adjunct at Philadelphia University. She also lectures at Philadelphia area universities.