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Medical Questions
Who do I call when my child is going to be absent from school?
To report your child's absence, please call the nurses' office:

• Early childhood nurse (SJOG building): 856-848-4700 ext.1180
• ADS building nurse's office (ADS building): 856-848-4700 ext. 1147, 1154 or 1145.

Do I have to send a doctor's note to school for absences?
A doctor's note is required for return to school:
• If your child has been absent for 5 days or more.
• If your child was absent due to a contagious illness such as chicken pox, pink eye,
• impetigo, Scarlet fever etc...)
• If your child has had an injury. If your child has experienced an orthopedic injury or head injury the doctor needs to specify all restrictions such as gym class limitations, physical therapy restrictions and weight bearing status.
• If your child has been hospitalized, please ask your doctor for a return to school note and a copy of the discharge summary. Call the school nurse prior to sending your child back to school to be sure all paperwork is in order.

My child had a fever but I gave him/her some Tylenol and the fever is gone, can I send my child to school?
No, your child cannot return to school until he/she does not have a fever for more than 24 hours without fever reducing medications being given. (ex. Tylenol - acetaminophen or Motrin - ibuprofen.
My child vomited last night/ or my child had diarrhea last night- can he/she come to school today?
No, just as in the case of the fever, children who have episodes of vomiting or diarrhea cannot return to school until they do not have any episodes for 24 hours.

My child is having a procedure that will require sedation. Can he/she return to school tomorrow?
No, according to school policy, your child must remain at home the following day after a medical or dental procedure that requires sedation or anesthesia.

Enrollment Questions
Who is responsible for enrolling my child in school?
As an approved private school for students with disabilities, ADS is a bit different from a public school. In a public school, the parent is solely responsible for enrolling their child in school. Enrollment in ADS is initiated by your public school district's child study team since the district is responsible for tuition payments. It is the parents' responsibility to keep the district child study team informed regarding any plans to move out of the district.

What happens if I move out of the district?

As soon as you know that you are moving contact the district you are moving to. Inquire about the enrollment registration process and what type of supporting documentation the new district requires. Also let the new district know that you have a child with special needs who attends Archbishop Damiano School. Once registration is complete it is the new district's decision to maintain placement in Archbishop Damiano School. Once you have moved out of your current district, that district terminates the placement. Your child can only return to Archbishop Damiano with the approval of the new district. If you have additional questions about moving, contact the principal or assistant principal.

Records Questions
I need copies of my child's educational records. How can I get a copy?

All record requests should go through your local school district. Your case manager or child study team secretary would be a good first contact. Even though Archbishop Damiano School possess a copy of your child's records, under New Jersey law, ADS is not the custodian of the records. The sending district is the custodian and is responsible for all record requests.

I am applying for SSI/Medicaid benefits for my child. Where should the request for records be send?
All requests for the release of records should be sent to your child's local school district. If you need help in submitting a request, contact our social worker, Jan Horwitz at 856-848-4700, extension 1159, by at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transportation Questions
I am having trouble with my child's school bus? Who should I contact?

The first point of contact is the bus company. If you need the bus company's phone number, contact an ADS program secretary and she can give you the number. If the problem cannot be resolved in speaking directly with the bus company, contact your child study team case manager. Your district holds the contract with the bus company and should be able to resolve the issue.

I would like to pick my child up early. What should I do?
Inform your child's teacher by note or a phone call. When you arrive you will be asked to sign a dismissal form. After that you and your child are free to go. Please be aware that if you are picking your child up at the end of the school day that you must arrive by 2:45. If no parent is present at 2:45, the child will be put on the bus.

Can someone other than a parent pick up my child?
Yes. However, we need advanced written permission from the parent or guardian. To insure your child's safety the person picking them up will be asked for identification. If identification is not provided they may not leave with your child.

Security Questions
What security measures are in place to insure my child's safety?
ADS has a number of security measures in place to insure student safety. Both school buildings are kept locked at all times. Staff has electronic identification that is used to access the buildings. Visitors are required to enter the buildings through designated entrances. All visitors to the building must sign in and where visitor identification.

What security drills will my child participate in?
ADS has one fire drill and one security drill every month. Security drills consist of shelter in place, lockdown and evacuation. For more details regarding security drills and procedures, please contact the principal or assistant principal.

Technology Questions
What computer does my child use in school?
The standard classroom computer system consists of a HP Touchsmart all-in-one computer with a 20" interactive touch screen. This system allows students to interact with the computer by simply touching the screen. Additionally, all classroom computers are connected with interactive SMART boards with amplified speakers to insure that sound carries to all points within the classroom. Beginning in September 2013, every student in the Archbishop Damiano School will have Apple iPad 2 for their individual use. Each of our teachers and therapists also have school issued iPads.

What apps does my child have access to in school?
ADS has standardized apps installed on student iPads. Our early childhood apps are:

  • Math: Splash Math Grade 1, Candy Count
  • Language Arts: Ready to Print, Word Family, Touch and Learn, Bedtime, Handwriting Without Tears
  • Readiness: Together, Sounds, Tap-n-See Zoo, Tell Me About It, Clean UP, EduPlay, Bugs & Bubbles, Bugs & Buttons, Birthday Party
  • Health: Pepi Bath, ABA Emotions, Toca Kitchen
  • Communications: Tap Speak Sequencer Plus, LAMP

The apps for our middles school and secondary students are:

  • Math: Amazing Coin, Grade 1 Math, Grade 2 Math, Grade 3 Math, Telling Time, Counting Money Academy, and a Calculator,
  • Language Arts: Ready to Print, WH Questions, Word Study Kids, 1000 Sight Words, Sight Words
  • Science: BioMio, Solar System, Ecosystems, learn Science, Weather+
  • Social Studies: Disney Presidents, Discovery U.S. Geography
  • Health: Awesome Eats, SuperStrech Yoga, Emotions, Ziggy's Plate Lazy Town
  • Music and Art: ABC Music, Toca Band
  • Communications: TapSpeak Sequencer Plus

Other Questions
I am interested in buying a wheelchair for my child. Can the physical therapist recommend a good vendor?
To avoid any possible conflict of interest, ADS staff may not make personal recommendations. However, our physical therapists are happy to work with you so that you know what questions to ask a potential vendor.

I want to keep in close communications with my child's teacher and therapists. Can I text staff if I need to? Can I communicate with staff via online social media?

Open communications is important to us. Towards that end, all teachers and therapists have:

  •  Access to land line telephones
  •  School voice mail
  •  School email

We also utilize communications books that go back and forth between home and school. Teachers and therapists are able to arrange for face-to-face meeting times with parents to discuss student related issues. Parents are encouraged to use any and all of these methods. School policy does not allow staff to give out their personal phone numbers, nor to communicate with parents or students via online social media.

What is the relationship between Archbishop Damiano School and my child's sending school district?
Your child's sending school district has a contract with Archbishop Damiano School to provided educational services as specified in your child's IEP. The sending district is responsible for your child's education. ADS strives to maintain close working relationships with the sending district's case managers, keeping them informed of any issue that might impact your child's education.