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Archbishop Damiano School services over 150 students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. Students are referred from over 50 different school districts throughout central and southern New Jersey. Educational programming is divided into three broad levels.

Early Childhood Program

The ADS Early Childhood Program provides children ages 3-8 with an instructional program designed to address their unique developmental needs. The curriculum focuses on the development of communication, self-help, and academic readiness skills. Realizing a child's natural ability to learn about the world through play, teachers instruct the children through thematic, play-based activities, as well as, more traditional academic readiness instruction. Additional program support is provided through related services - speech, physical and occupational therapies-which can be integrated into the classroom program, or provided as a pull-out service, depending upon the child's individual needs.


Elementary & Middle School

Our philosophy at ADS is that every student has the potential to learn new skills. The elementary and middle school programs, for students 9 - 16, provide significant adaptations and accommodations that allows students access to New Jersey's Common Core Academic Standards. In addition to academics, our students have access to a wide range of functional, life skills instruction design to help them become more independent in their day to day lives.

Secondary Program

High school represents a time of change, The ADS secondary program supports students, ages 17 - 21, through those changes. Whether the challenge is learning to communicate needs, succeeding at a first job, or navigating a first prom, the secondary staff are there to guide, teach and encourage.